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ही १ सवय तुम्हाला श्रीमंत बनवेल – MARATHI motivational video

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चला तर मग या #Business Highway वर स्वार होऊ या आणि जाणून घेऊया कसा करता येतो बिन भांडवली धंदा… काही PRACTICAL खऱ्या उधारणांसह.

Location : Hotel Kalasagar, P-4 near Nashik Phata,
Old Mumbai- Pune Exp- Highway, Pimpri #Pune -411034

Date : 24/06/2018 | #Time : 6pm to 8pm
Contact : 9139231340, 9112751212, 9112452899

Website : https://goo.gl/7H5vfZ
Amazon : https://amzn.to/2yxSdUy

When legendary #billionaire #Dhirubhai #Ambani first came to Mumbai, he just had Rs. 50,000 with him. However, he had big dreams to make it to the top echelons of the corporate world. Within 40 years he managed to achieve a market cap of 65,000 crore Rupees !

There is a very interesting story from his early days in Mumbai…

During his evening walks, he would often go to the Taj hotel for a cup of coffee. In those days, a cup of coffee in the Taj would cost 65 bucks…a luxury which only the rich and famous could afford. Whilst Dhirubhai’s peers and colleagues preferred drinking coffee at the roadside stalls for 5 bucks and save money Dhirubhai often sat in the Taj gallery to enjoy the expensive coffee at a premium price.

“You are crazy,” one of Dhirubhai’s friends once told him. “Why waste 65 bucks behind a cup of coffee in the Taj when you can easily get it for less than 5 bucks on the road ?”

To this, Dhirubhai replied, “I am paying 5 bucks for the coffee and another 60 bucks because the Taj gives me an opportunity to connect with the city’s most influential people ! Its not about the coffee; its about acquainting myself and developing relationships with the people who really count !”

This was how Dhirubhai always thought !
Whilst his colleagues and peers preferred to save money by compromising, Dhirubhai always spent money behind everything that would help him grow Big !

He always believed that business can often be achieved by knowing the right people in the right place. And it always helped having friends in positions that really count !


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