You can recover like WOLVERINE, if you try taking care of your mental-health to calm the cortisol (the stress-hormone) down. It will require prioritizing your sleep Nutrition & sleep. So, read my book ”Stealthy Supersoldier Serum”. So, you find the Active Biotech Defence Force and Creation of Elite Supersoldier recipe.  

Prioritize on your Grooming & hygiene. It’s not about the brand, but it’s about maintaining yourself like a CAR that requires detailed care. If you cannot afford the expensive toiletries brands, it really doesn’t matter, you can still continue the detail grooming and maintain it endlessly until you die, even with generic brands. No one will judge you what you do in your toilet, so you can even try stocking the cheaper/ discounted toiletries in the basement or home-storage, so that you do not have to go always hunt bargains. Also, it will help to save a ton of money in return every month. As bodybuilding, boxing and businesses are expensive to maintain.

Now, there shouldn’t be an excuse for affordability anymore!

Don’t lose your cool and put sleep, hygiene, and groom as your daily maintenance habit.


  • Confidence is the key. Accept yourself and never let bullies and haters bring you down or blame you with their false-hypocrisy. Have a lawyer in your team who can help you when you are targeted by gangs and traps set by British teenage thugs. 
  • Multiple or diversified sources of income to keep your financial strength secure. It will also illuminate stress a lot. 
  •  Refilling your mind with new ideas, training for new projects, so that you adapt to the change really quickly and attract like-minded people who need your rapport and guidance. 
  • Nootropics and a small dose of caffeine to stay alert. Sleep is a must, I personally think sleep is more important than food. Hence, keeping a regular sleep routine and Tryptophan, Ashwagandha, and GABA supplement before heading to bed. This will make you feel awesome and motivated and fresh when you wake up in the morning.

Transforming the Victim-Mentality, into Vengeance-Mentality

Great Revenge is Achieving a Massive Success


Similar to the car engine, the mind dictates your destiny. Overall, your outputs in the work and workout, and even all aspects of life are thoroughly controlled by your thought process. The world you want to live in and the goals you want to accomplish directly depends on your mindset and motivation. This is why I highly recommend my fellow students to change their mindset, find the inner drive, and stay motivated to live life differently than the medicare society. In order to be the minority of the superiors controlling upto to 95% over the wealth, the one must comeout from the crowd and start acting differently. This is when the real battle begins, the outside world is less dangerous than the fear in your head. Once you get caughtup with the doubts and fear, you will never be able to breakfree from the hallucination and negativity. 

When you are striving for something for greater good, remember that you will surely achieve them sooner or later. However, it will come with some horrific, heartbreaking and tragic costs. For example- your own parents and relatives will doubt you, your own loved ones will turn their back on you. Somedays, there will be no one to talk to as you have locked in these four walls. People will doubt you, mediocre will laugh at you, bullies will humiliate you in front of your crush. This is when the real battle comes. If you can sustain, then you will prevail in these protests and negative blockage held against you by the naysayers and bullies. 

Through these many years of loneliness, I have realised that I may not have many people around me, but I have myself. And what I have accomplished so far, millions of people needs me to educate them and develop them physically and empower them mentally. 

Now you can understand why a strong mindset is everything you need to sustain through these suffering. I highly recommend that if you are willing to change the city or country to achieve your dream, try not to explain to everyone why you want to leave the place to restart somewhere else. They will not understand, they will make fun of you and doubt you…which will gradually destroy your motivation. You don’t have to explain everything to everyone, before you have even accomplished. If they hate you, leave them…and don’t waste time and energy to please them. Because, what you want to accomplish perhaps they want it too. So they are jealous of you moving forward. They will never support you at the initial stage, so it’s upto you. You are on your own in this loneliest journey. You and your bag packs, luggage, new home, unknown town in a different country…which is far away from your hometown. It’s risky ofcourse, if You are young. If you are a young girl, you may get raped. If you are a young boy like me, you have to make sure not to get kidnapped and killed. I have been threatened by many thugs, haters, and racists…even they assaulted me. But I kept my headup high and used that as a drive to prove them wrong. Proving others wrong is the only purpose and drive I have, as I never had parents or friends beside me. So, success came with a price. Many days, I felt like committing suicide, due to being humiliated by gangs in the street, bullies in the school, and random blokes making fun of my height and hair to make their bitches laugh. 

Still, now I get pickedon, but for a different purpose, guys things i am a showoff bast**d and too big on myself. Well, I am tired of making everyone feel happy about me, 26 years of my life wasted on pleasing my parents and people around me. I never lived at all. I wanted to be a cool boy in school, who is popular and has tons of friends. Sadly, I am grownup now that never happened and can never happen at all. I might be young, but being alone for these long made me a sick, depressed suicidal youth. But I also learn to develop a range of skills, knowledge, and expertise so that I can help others who want me, or like-minded people who think I have been through a lot. I always tell people that try to remember each of these negative events and use them as the drive that can push you when you want to giveup the quest. Once you remind myself you have so many bast**d to prove wrong, you will be bound and determined to get back up and fight on. 

I took all the criticisms and humiliations super seriously. That’s why I have a perfectionist character, never happy with anything or myself, or ever can be with anyone. I now try to stay normal, relax and enjoy, but taking a lot of time to get rid of these inner voices. However, as I have realised that a strong mind made me fight all these adversity and I didn’t die, I feel like I can relax and happy and then appreciate the silver lining.   


The default setting of some great habit adding to your lifestyle

I personally believe no matter where you are from, what is your financial capacity…if you wanna sacrifice the self-sabotaging behaviors and replace them with some good habit, this will definitely speedup your fatloss and financial journey. Just realise what if you suddenly start differently and things start to change for the greater good? What if you take the lead and control your life by not wasting time, but prioritizing the task that needs to be accomplished. 

This is why I recommend investing in your mind with self-esteem boosting knowledge and infos. Always remember that your mind is also a weapon. This engine dictates everything how your body will perform. Thus, keep it filled with resources, lifestyle-hacks and resourceful information.that builds you up, not worthless short-time fun-facts that will never bring anything on the plate at the end of the day. Personally, it never is possible for me if you are unwilling to take these protocols super seriously! When you try to change there will be more trouble and stress for you. You may have to move to another city to start lifeover again. Or, change your friend circle or leave your family behind, which I had to do. Success is a lone ranger’s unforgotten journey. But I could not compromise it for anything, nor have I ever backed down when I had to confront any conflicts even getting surrounded by multiple attackers. This has boosted my confidence and cockiness. Years after years of living like a real life lone-soldier, it has created a commando within me, who can survive in this world of extreme. Because, everyone is striving for the 1st-place and fast position. But this brutal competition doesn’t scare me anymore. I believe in y’all. All of you are destined2dominate, only if you are willing to sacrifice and suffer. This is a firepath and you have to giveup your old-home and adapt new changes very quickly. You have to force yourself to adapt the change by perhaps moving to another country. This is necessary to push yourself to do this if you are having problems concentrating solely on yourself for self-improvement, because of the negative people around or lack of opportunities in your area.   


Solitary, inner strength, a hunter’s hard targets, desperate drives, die-hard discipline, military motivation, and unshakable confidence is everything that is valuable for you to succeed and dominate your field of interest. My drive comes from how many times I got beatenup by gangs and humiliated by rude British blokes and gangs. I have to live like a commando and all-rounder soldier to defend myself and secure by the existence from all these hungry hypocrite bullies. 


After my daughter and dad died, falsely condemned by my ex, I am training 5-6 hours of War-marine and wolverine alike training every day. I cut of the social-life. Work and Workout is all I do. Utilizing the ‘Time’ only for two specific goals, e.g. Fighting skills and Financial security has given me a perfect combat-commando body and perfect stability in finances. I do not want to get destructed with other this, as I consider only two things I am destined2dominate, which is FIGHTS and FINANCES. 

This is why, I am advising you to set priorities in life, or else you will be blown away with mediocre habits. I believe ‘TIME IS THE GOD HIMSELF’. You will not be alive for long, but you can live it to the fullest, if you make trans formative lifestyle changing decisions from now on. Powerful daily habits will give you wealth, health and happiness…all you ever wanted in a short time…GUARANTEED! So focus and have a laser focus obsession and driven desperation to get work and workout tasks done daily. When you are ready and the timing is right, your talent will be rewarded by the people who need you in their team. So START TODAY! Enroll the 1-to-1 online mentoring now!!  

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