Reconnecting with our Evolutionary Suppressed Genes & Lost Abilities 

When I was a teenager and young adult in my early 20s, I was always being picked on by mean-guys trying to push me off from the girl I want to date, as they say, I am inferior to them due to my shy nature and nice guy appearance. I have been pushed away and threatened by blokes, not trying to talk to the girls, as they try to brush me off from the competition. So, years and years I faced domination by the blokes around me regularly bullying me verbally and physically. I was laughing material for them and always was greatly humiliated in the class, pubs, and around friend circle for my height. I tried to close off the world and obsessively tried to find some ancient healing wisdom. Universally, it is known that our genes are passed down from the prehistoric ancestor, but it is sadly silenced through evolution. For instance, we all have deactivated genes and functions that are no longer in use due to civilisation. For example- we know that the coccyx, or the ‘‘tail-bone’’, which is excitingly true that our prehistoric ancestors may have used it to grip with that coccyx to climb the trees. On the other hand, modern sciences have observed, some of the genetic imbalances still happen randomly where the underdeveloped fetus shows hindlimbs and coccyx and after a while, it shrinks from within the womb as it evolves and grows to accommodate itself. This process is called the ‘Atavisms’. Mainly, the still-borns actually seem to show these traits underdevelopment period. Atavism is an evolutionary throwback, as it often flashes out some earlier traits of humans that once which our ancient ancestors had.

Unfortunately, as the climate, habitat and livelihood have changed, the evolutionary adaptation has weakened. Due to the lack of its use in our daily lives, e.g. I had my supernumerary extra vampire teeth removed, which is usually a genetic flaw for some people to show these sharp fearsome extra pairs on the upper on bottom jaws. Also, I also have my wisdom teeth removed, which is generally common for everyone. Wisdom teeth were there to tear the raw meat by our ancestors, which are no longer in use as we cook the meat and soften it to eat them. Furthermore, there are supplementary organs life appendix inside out colon and the tonsils to block the bacterials can also be removed, as it’s functionality has been naturally compromised due to human evolution. Also, you may have heard about the semilunar fold in the corner of our eyes, as it scientifically suggests human-being may have also been sometime water-dwellers. Progressively, we know many people have an extra sixth finger in a hand than the common five. Or, some people can even move their ears, whereas not the majority of us can. 

Controversially, this is what the famous paleontologist ‘Jack Horner’, who wanted to achieve the infamous dinosaur resurrection project. The project was known to be the ‘chickenosaurus’, which is actually about reactivating the evolutionary silence genes within the modernday chicken to bring back their dinosaurs characteristics and features. However, still to this day it is morally criticised as Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) practice and experiments are seen to work against traditional religious views. Even though the project achieves its goals to reactivate the evolutionary silenced genes within a modernday chicken, the question lies on how much of it will reflect the true dinosaurs. Or, we may endup creating a new hybrid species that is far from being an actual dinosaur. Similarly, it was greatly criticized during 1998, when two scientists wanted to secure a patent to create living Chimeras with human embryos. Therefore, the patent application and appeals were rejected considering it injurious to the well-being, morals of the civilised society, and ethical practice of science. Also, the former US patent commissioner marked this proposed project as ‘monsters’. But still, the modern sciences are trying to experiment on some pigs by injecting human embryos, so someday see a success to use their organs for the human-surgical organ transplants to save lives. So, it is still under severe scrutiny and debates.  

Relax! Although I am a qualified research doctorate, I am not trying to achieve that in any of my clients, or experimenting on myself. Only, this gives me hope that I am strong and wild enough to defend myself from brutal gangs and multiple attackers when it is necessary. So, I can recall my ancient ancestral powers and boost my esteem, to fight back as the God of Fighters, even if I am unarmed and odd-numbered. 

Defense Against Multiple attackers in the Streetfight: 

Anything I achieve so far, it was never to showoff women, but to earn respect from big, tall, and size-advantaged guys. They forever bullied me, maybe they can trace I am shy, small in height, and won’t be able to defend myself. Though humans have cleared off the jungles and replaced them with tall city buildings, we must not forget we were animals, which also originated in the jungle. All these laws, religions, and social etiquettes have taught us to suppress the beast within. But the dangerous side of us is truly revealed, especially when we engage into physical fights. Furthermore, though those aggressive traits and cannibalistic nature are suppressed for decades, we cannot contain the beast within when we are forced into the fight. No matter how much we may try, we are all still mammals and the mammals are all some violent animals in the forest. A dangerous side of humans will eventually reveal itself, as we see within the fraudsters, rapists, murder, buglers, serial killers and the bullies just want to show-off who’s the macho-man in the block.

Generally, tall guys are harder to takedown like eels by the smaller athletes for a grounded pounding phase. Because, strength doesn’t match, though stamina of small-guys is surprisingly significant. Learning from my observation on some cannibalistic aquatic fishes, I love how the eel wraps around the prey. Then they keep on holding a portion of the other fish to tear and jerk around to tear it off! Also, I learned more about the millisecond rules from the frog-fish, which gulp its prey under milliseconds, which is less than the speed of blinking eyes. Interestingly, to learn about how to throw some fatal blows, learned something from the Mantis Shrimp, aka. the rules of the deadly one-punch artistic of the aquatic.  You must rely on the skull-crushing knockout punches like Mantis Shrimp, in a speed an Alligator-snap-turtle, a frogfish’s millisecond snap! Therefore, learning from them the streetfight is a life in jungles as it is dangerous, dirty, and deadly, which should need any formal respects and rules at all. The reason the tall and fat or bear-belly big dude has such a sky-high ego, it’s they know their height-leverage. They can end the game before it’s even begun just with a fatal blow. Strategically, they may not know how to really fight and last in an hour sparring session, but they all do acknowledge that they have one-punch raw knockout power. 

Most big guys will push you in the street and ever say sorry, but if you do the same they will be vile and violent towards you for their height-size leverage ego. Their gifted size advantage makes them cocky, cold, and cruel towards their opponent. So, in the bar-fight, big guys will appear to be super confident when a bully a small, or size disadvantaged lad. Unfortunately, it is just as in the aquatic world- ‘Big fish Easily Shallow the Small ones.’  So no matter how long you can last in the sparring session and cardiovascular activities, but it’s all about raw, one-shot, knockout strikes.

At a ground level, the majority of the streetfight or bar-fights are all related to ego-war to show-off the other ladies around who’s the main-ma. Ladies get wet to see their guy is strong outside, so these bad-big boys can take them in the bedroom when it’s over. Big and Bad guys are something ladies biologically cannot resist, as every majority ladies die for a bad boy though the somewhat knows deeply this risk is going to  f**kup their lives. So, during street and bar fights, it doesn’t matter if you are an elite-level kickboxer or MMA fighter, always at the end of a 25 to 45 mins of combat sports round, still you must have the ability to knock someone out, if you have to! Not Jodo, or Jitsu. Although, winning in the street fight is all about closing the distance and grappling them in, mauling them like a tiger. However, it majorly based on one punch striking power, just like how the aquatic Mantis Shrimp, aka. Mike-tyson on the boxes to break the crab shell. You must have knockout power. Because, streetfight is about throwing maximum power at once to either knock the predators out, or cause them hesitancy to buy enough time to escape out of the danger zone. It is somewhat similar to aquatic life, when the predators like a long eel, or a group of piranha fisting on you from all sides. Oh boy! So, in the real-life amateur altercation fighting everyone allowed to use unfair rules of weapon, sharps tools, or even bite and scratch if needed. 

On the other hand, you must understand when there are more than one attackers then taking the first enemy to the ground is not a good idea. Because, then others will use an iron rod or shoot or stab you on the back, or brush your head open with a rock, or rod from behind. 

Interestingly, there’s a myth that you cannot beat multiple attackers ever in a streetfight. Well, you can if you separate your target one by one, then the rest will see how their gang members are falling, so they will rather run to call for more help. So, obviously you can defend yourself from multiple attackers, once if you tighten the core, keep your stable ground intact like a tree and throw those bullet speed knockout punches. Moreover, if someone becomes too fast and closes the distance on you, then punches will not work, rather elbow and knee-to-head butts will put them to sleep by bursting their nose out. 

Furthermore, taking care of them one by one is the best option. You need to set an instant strategy, like you focus on this first dude for a few milliseconds and then you clean up the next one, and hopefully the other one will start running for life. 

In my case no matter how much of an award-winning Taekwondo kicker I was, I couldn’t find the gap when throwing them. Upon failing to defend myself, it was time to master the upper body weapon, so that it perfectly balanced the top section to the end of the feet. 

In most case, you need to be the psychic and predict the predatory strikes, when they are only talking-sh*t. Most of the talking done by the second-guy distracts you from the first guy behind or beside ready to throw the blow on you. So, stay alert animalistically. Also, please make sure the moment when you’re in a heightened sense of danger, don’t forget to breathe otherwise you will feel frozen in the moment and out of breath when dealing with closed-distance grounded pounding. 


Additionally, as mentioned earlier you must measure the space between your enemies and you. The gap you have more you can through your well-mastered taekwondo kicks, or “The Hayemaker” knockout punches heavyweight boxing. As an expert MMA fighter, then it will be easy for you to takedown opponents one by one. 

After understanding what The Eye of Horus, always been trying to warn me about the secret that lies behind the people who make the so-called ‘religions and laws’, I may have understood their hidden agendas. I am odd-numbered and a lad without a power position to change anything happening around. But still the reason I want to help others to transform themselves and make them recognise their unused potential, as I still believe the greatest within all of us, which a lot of us fail to use in their lifetime. After having so much humiliation and abuse by vile and violent envious men, still I try to help others. Because, I am drawn into the light eventhough trust-issues and sorrows have fully taken over me. In my character, you may find so much contradiction with morally ambiguous matters. But I can assure you that, just because I’ve fallen from grace, I am not completely evil. However, I’m just necessary evil when it comes to defending myself. You cannot step on the tail on the snake and expect it won’t bite you. Similarly, it’s all about my Active Defence Force. In order to ensure my survival I will try in the good-way and bad way, I rather try both. Don’t let my prettyface to deceive you that I am so weak for you to defend myself. I know there are predators lurking around in this paradise to hunt me down in many million ways. So, my beauty and brutality is perfectly balanced.Upon my eyes and eyelids you may find the sorrows I hide. Firey and alert, who is struggling underneath to put my guard down. So, not a monster, but somewhat of a terrifying wonder. Won’t trust anyone too easily, as the agonies of the past clogged up within my head. If you are respectful to me, my unconditional love and generosity which shine onto you like sunlight. So, yet it is less of horror than the harmony that will transform any empty vessels filled with prosperity abundance. 


FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! Personally, the client will be contacted and corresponded through via-email for a month *[Terms and Conditions applies]*


-Weekends are all about sparring and striking. So, prepare for a Hell-weekend with MMA kickboxing session and Taekwondo for head-kick practice.
-HIIT is all you need
-Cardiovascular circuits

So, want to be the fastest striker when multiple-attackers in the streets/ bars circles you? Then participate in the gym-classes that run ”Tabata time-attacks” sessions.

    • MMA kickboxing, grappling and Taekwondo for head-kicks while comforting multiple attackers
    • HIIT is all you need if you want to lose body-weight
    • Cardiovascular circuits for endurance & longevity
    • Tabata time-attacks for Agility and Alert-reactions improvement for elite defensive mode
    • Nutrition & sleep for speedy-recovery
  • I am also currently, offering a vitual coaching, mentoring session. This includes online-based guidance 1-to-1 every weekend upto two months, which is 60 days approx support. [Please Note: Pre-booking needed upon contact-first! Available for Limited Time Only]


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