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DESTINED2DOMINATE: Transition From A Supershy, To Become A Solitary Savage
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DESTINED2DOMINATE: Comprehensive Brief On My Brand-New Beginning

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Intense Transformation Survival Guide of a Shape-Shifting Small Soldier. Although, Dr. Akash, changed his names ill-fate still followed. He had to live alone in countries to countries, changing religion, adapting new norms, views and found new ways to life depleting old-lifestyle. Of course! it was not an easy battle when fighting along on envious enemies.

This was so brutal journey ever known to any boy of his age that, the experiences are somewhat similar to as if he’d to swimming and striving to get onto the shore when he fell on the alligator-infested Red-cold-river) success stories are the Silverlinning of Solitary Suffering in the East & Western world. he has seen it all, suffered the life-long abuse by dominating aggressive bullies. So, he reveals why he took control over his destiny and how to want to fight back to the Rude, Mean, hypocritical haters through his mental and physical transformation to create a Super-soldier Shields which will world as an Active Deference Armour.

He didn’t play the victim anymore for his tragic life, years of loneliness, suffering, and pain, but used it as a fuel to push him to make this ebook a survival-guide for the helpless shy-guys who need some form of inspiration to fight back with fitness.

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