DESTINED2DOMINATE: Transition From A Supershy, To Become A Solitary Savage
DESTINED2DOMINATE : Fitness Exercises Demonstration
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Readers Discretion Greatly Advised: Anti-Religious & Antisocial Contents Ahead! An Illuminati eye-opener book is ever written in this modern-day. Will change your perception about come corrupt clan’s hidden agendas, will question your faith! Also, openly discussed some super-soldier-serum creation recipe. Consists of multifarious ranges of recommendation on Supplements, Sarms, and Steriods. Unveiling why I forced to choose these endless cycles of creating perfection. An all-rounded Supersoldier and living military mannequin. Also, explaining why I have to think requesting for respect won’t work, but rather face the world-of-men with complete-fitness to beat the f**k out from them. I have been isolated and victimized all my life moving countries and changing names, religions, and lifestyles to accommodate in a shape-shifting survival-quest. Until I get that financial and legal affordability to guard myself, I have no third-party saving my a** from getting constantly attacked by men. So, I need to look like a lion to protect my soft heart that would initiate fear on them pick a fight with me. I knew that I may have to become physically fearsome and defined by my rage to shield against the savages. It is just to confront the gangs, young offender savages, and corrupt cops who falsely condemn. Through this, my emotional weakness and tragic life kept shield, or as a secret from the society. By arming myself against my own blocked emotions of pain, regret, humiliation, and suffering. So, this body I created is the physical manifestation of that. Later during my mid-20s I realized just relying on the mentality and educational knowledge will not be enough to save me in this world what I am facing alone. So, I have to perfectly balance the strong mind, by creating an active defense bionic outer layer. A body that will be physically fearsome without losing the beauty, no matter the height, skin color.

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