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DESTINED2DOMINATE: Comprehensive Brief On My Brand-New Beginning
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DESTINED2DOMINATE: Transition From A Supershy, To Become A Solitary Savage

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WARNING! Readers Discretion Advised: Anti-Religious & Antisocial Contents Ahead! Youngest Doctorate in the world at the age of 26! made it this far facing domination by aggressive men of East & West. To survive overseas, Dr. Akash has to adapt and evolve. It required an intense-life transformation to human history ever known, in such a little time. Of course! including changing his names, culture, religion & countries to survive an intense life-transformation to desperately prove everyone wrong. A real-life descriptive biography of a small Soldier. Motivational story of a lone-boy, revealing his ways to survive alone in the East and Western world. Doing anything and everything just to prove everyone wrong. As he believed that someday he will eventually succeed to gain enough strength to fight back the mean-men. A rebellious lad, unveils the corrupt men hiding behind the region, or taking leverage to shield after they commit sins.

  • Please NOTE: Not-for Religious people! This biography reveals the corrupt tall men dominating small-men, by bullying them in school, streets, and workplace. Due to height leverage and co*kiness, the tall & egotistical men call the small-lads who do too much to make them look big, still called so feminine and ‘gay’! Constant humiliation, bullying the shy-guy to push them into drug-abuse, selfharm, and suicide. As the shy-guys finishes last do not fit-in this Aggressive males dominating the world. It’s never about education, 95% of ordinary people don’t have a Ph.D. like him, but they use physical power like jungle-beasts to be the king of the domain. Religious extremists constantly threatens on-his life when he opposes their hidden agendas. No matter the East or the Western world, tall men use animalistic aggression, physical power to dominate over the shy-insecure lads to keep their voice down. So, no more Mr. Nice Guy Of course! He’s ready as one-man-army to face the world alone. Fearlessly, pointing their hypocrisy and the dangerous secrets they hide under the religious sympathy-seeking-veils.
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