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1 x DESTINED2DOMINATE: Elite 30 days Military Mind-set, Mentoring and Motivation package

- Empowering Ordinaries, to push you extra miles in the gym and alter your Mind-set. - A month of 1to1 mentoring and answering the queries, through the weekly SKYPE / ZOOM interview for reviewing on the progress. - Changing Old & Outdated Norms, to replace your self-sabotaging lifestyle with something extraordinary. Lazer focusing on your personal-goals that lead you to your destiny. - Help you break the pattern and never-ending loops of ordinary ways of living. Rather pushing you towards the mission you came on the earth to accomplish. Opening your inner eyes to direct you towards greatness. So, you can strive for achieving wonders life. Focusing more on renovating lifestyle, building a strong personal habit and daily work & workout ethics. - Ultimate Lifestyle hacks, to empower your confidence to build strong self-image, boosting the ego, which guarantees the change in your posture, smash any projects, the fearless mentality to handle the critics throwing challenges, even when you are odd-numbered or walking in a crowd full of the public.

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1 x DESTINED2DOMINATE : Fitness Exercises Demonstration

Youngest Doctorate at his 26 years age sharing his secret behind build such a credible combat-ready body. Dr. Akash has survived an intense life " Transition from a Supershy, To become a Solitary Savage". Being an Educated Entrepreneur, Fitness Model and a qualified Gym Instructor, he's now sharing his elite transformative exercises to demonstrate how to create a Combat-Ready Bionic Defence Human-machine to make the whole body as a natural biotech enhanced supersoldier shield

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Readers Discretion Greatly Advised: Anti-Religious & Antisocial Contents Ahead! An Illuminati eye-opener book is ever written in this modern-day. Will change your perception about come corrupt clan's hidden agendas, will question your faith! Also, openly discussed some super-soldier-serum creation recipe. Consists of multifarious ranges of recommendation on Supplements, Sarms, and Steriods. Unveiling why I forced to choose these endless cycles of creating perfection. An all-rounded Supersoldier and living military mannequin. Also, explaining why I have to think requesting for respect won't work, but rather face the world-of-men with complete-fitness to beat the f**k out from them. I have been isolated and victimized all my life moving countries and changing names, religions, and lifestyles to accommodate in a shape-shifting survival-quest. Until I get that financial and legal affordability to guard myself, I have no third-party saving my a** from getting constantly attacked by men. So, I need to look like a lion to protect my soft heart that would initiate fear on them pick a fight with me. I knew that I may have to become physically fearsome and defined by my rage to shield against the savages. It is just to confront the gangs, young offender savages, and corrupt cops who falsely condemn. Through this, my emotional weakness and tragic life kept shield, or as a secret from the society. By arming myself against my own blocked emotions of pain, regret, humiliation, and suffering. So, this body I created is the physical manifestation of that. Later during my mid-20s I realized just relying on the mentality and educational knowledge will not be enough to save me in this world what I am facing alone. So, I have to perfectly balance the strong mind, by creating an active defense bionic outer layer. A body that will be physically fearsome without losing the beauty, no matter the height, skin color.

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1 x DESTINED2DOMINATE: Transition From A Supershy, To Become A Solitary Savage

WARNING! Readers Discretion Advised: Anti-Religious & Antisocial Contents Ahead! Youngest Doctorate in the world at the age of 26! made it this far facing domination by aggressive men of East & West. To survive overseas, Dr. Akash has to adapt and evolve. It required an intense-life transformation to human history ever known, in such a little time. Of course! including changing his names, culture, religion & countries to survive an intense life-transformation to desperately prove everyone wrong. A real-life descriptive biography of a small Soldier. Motivational story of a lone-boy, revealing his ways to survive alone in the East and Western world. Doing anything and everything just to prove everyone wrong. As he believed that someday he will eventually succeed to gain enough strength to fight back the mean-men. A rebellious lad, unveils the corrupt men hiding behind the region, or taking leverage to shield after they commit sins.

  • Please NOTE: Not-for Religious people! This biography reveals the corrupt tall men dominating small-men, by bullying them in school, streets, and workplace. Due to height leverage and co*kiness, the tall & egotistical men call the small-lads who do too much to make them look big, still called so feminine and 'gay'! Constant humiliation, bullying the shy-guy to push them into drug-abuse, selfharm, and suicide. As the shy-guys finishes last do not fit-in this Aggressive males dominating the world. It's never about education, 95% of ordinary people don't have a Ph.D. like him, but they use physical power like jungle-beasts to be the king of the domain. Religious extremists constantly threatens on-his life when he opposes their hidden agendas. No matter the East or the Western world, tall men use animalistic aggression, physical power to dominate over the shy-insecure lads to keep their voice down. So, no more Mr. Nice Guy Of course! He's ready as one-man-army to face the world alone. Fearlessly, pointing their hypocrisy and the dangerous secrets they hide under the religious sympathy-seeking-veils.

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1 x Raglan Sleeve Wicking Shirt

color: White, size: XL

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1 x 3001C Unisex Jersey Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

  • 4.2 oz., 100% combed and ringspun cotton, 30 singles
  • Dark Grey Heather 52% combed and ring-spun cotton/48% polyester
  • Taped shoulders; Side-seamed; Fitted at bicep; Contoured slimmer fit
  • Decoration type: Digital Print
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Go on your own adventure with Destined2dominate, the exciting and challenging action game where you need to face the challenges in the city of London and avoid the enemies along the way. Run for your life! 🇬🇧FACE THE ADVENTURE IN THE CITY OF LONDON Destined2dominate is an action game, very addictive, exciting and challenging one, offering you simple, yet very entertaining gameplay that will keep your attention all the time. You will enjoy the HD graphics and cool sound effects while you are running and trying to save alive. With the adventure game, you will face the incredible adventure in London, running with your hero character Christian Akash, avoiding the obstacles and enemies along the way. Tap the screen to jump over the obstacles and double tap for double jumping. Run and jump to save your life! 🔓UNLOCK LEVELS & NEW CHARACTERS As you play the running game you will run and avoid the obstacles such as busses, cars, and enemies by jumping over them. Run as long as possible to get your high scores and by staying longer in this adventure running game you will get your chance to unlock even more challenging levels to test your skills. More than that, as you progress through the action adventure game you will be able to choose different hero characters to run with, enjoying the action and feeling the real adventure as you play. 🏃♂️COLLECT COINS & RUN FOR YOUR LIFE While you run and avoid obstacles in this action game you will be able to collect many coins along the way. By collecting more coins, you will win higher scores. The coins can be used for unlocking levels and characters. Run for your life in this exciting adventure game, challenge yourself and get the chance to become the ultimate player just by running and staying alive as long as you can. Run and enjoy this incredible London free jumping game adventure! ⭐️DESTINED2DOMINATE FEATURES: ✅ Easy to play & exciting action game ✅ Face the challenges in London ✅ HD graphics & cool sound effects ✅ Tap to jump ✅ Double tap for double jump ✅ Avoid obstacles & enemies ✅ Unlock levels & hero characters ✅ Collect coins along the way ✅ FREE to play - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Enjoy the exciting London adventure and run for your life, avoiding your enemies and collecting coins! Download Destined2dominate now for FREE and have fun!

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