A growing number of people from around the world are inspired and motivated through my journey on this firepath. The real growth comes from hitting the rockbottom and getting backup. Just like the caterpillar loses the previous shell and transform into the beautiful butterflies, I believe suffering makes you strong if you have mental and physical toughness to get up. I am not training for body, but I am training for life! I know how crucial it is to eliminate the fear of humiliation, hateful words and threats of getting beatenup is holding lots of people back to accomplish their dream. We, as a human as born to be different than one another, that's the beauty of it, but lots of talented people are holding themselves back because they have been shuttered by someone discriminating them or something happened to their childhood they made them fear of rejection, fear of being beatenup by multiple attackers. Money comes and goes, my friends. But time you cannot buy, and you will never be born again. This is why- You must! I repeat YOU MUST transform from these NICENESS into TOUGHNESS. Otherwise, you have one life and you will waste it all away by fearing and regretting that you could have foughtback when you had time & the age.
I know the pain of regret is permanent, but the pain of rejection is temporary. So do not be disappointed once if you have been rejected in a proposal, application for better job, getting into some media modelling work, you also have second chance when you can moveon. In this time when you are grieving, it's reform, so you can recover and reattack! Then you can dominate in an area of that are talented. If you are confident and comfortable under your own skin if you can to fightback to the bullies and breakout from the prison of victim mentality.
My mission to changed you too, transform you for better and then it's your decision to strive to become the best if you want to achieve more wonders. Enrol in any of my mindset mentoring programs or fatloss programs, cuz I believe you are also destined2dominate..