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Natural Body Transformation (Fitness and Calisthenics)

When You Are About To Give Up – Motivational Video Speeches Compilation 1 HOUR

About to give up? Listen to this compilation and seize the day!
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Eddie Pinero
Arnold Schwarzeneger
Conor McGregor
Usain Bolt
Kevin Spacey
Jeff Bezos
Steve Jobs
Jerry Weintraub
Jerry Jones
Warren Buffet
Gary Vaynerchuck
Robin Sharma
Oprah Winfrey
Steve Harvey
Denzel Washington
Eric Thomas
Les Brown
Tony Robbins

Sunder – Really Slow Motion
Everdream – Really Slow Motion
Legendary – Really Slow Motion

Movies and Footage:

Time Out of Mind
Mr Robot
Extremely Loud and Incredibly
Knight of Cups
Seven Pounds
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything
00:00 – 04:10 Head First by Ping Pong Studio –
4:15 – 9:50 – I WILL WIN by MotivationGrid

10:00 – 15:40 – Run After Your Destiny

15:45 – 19:21 Productivity by Chispa Motivation

19:25 – 24:30 – How Much Can You Endure

27:30 – 35:20 The Secret of Successful People

35:30 – 41:22 Nothing Will Stop Me

41:30 – 46:23 Unbeatable

46:30 – 51:35 The Psychology of High Achievers

51:50 – 55:00 Do What Is Hard

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